Q-Impress Turning offers a comprehensive package of eccentric press products. This varies from a relatively simple product to an intricate assembly. Q-Impress Turning can avail itself of a pressing capacity from 40 t to 1500 t. Q-Impress Turning endeavours to manufacture its products as efficiently as possible. To this end it may punch several products within a single process run (this often also reduces rejects) and comprise all treatments in the eccenter press tools (e.g., integrated tapping systems).
Q-Impress Turning offers support in the engineering phase of your product. All the way from a drawing to a 3-D step file and 3-D model, prototypes, pilot run and series manufacture. Q-Impress Turning offers hot eccentric press products in the following materials:
  • Brass (various alloys)
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel

Q-Impress Turning can also take care of the post-process treatment of your products, such as zinc-coating, nickel-coating, chromium-coating etc. Also for our eccentric press jobs, the designation “Q-Impress” in Q-Impress Turning stands for "Impressing Quality"

For further information and possibilities we will be glad to advise you personally.