About Q-Fits Quality Fittings

Our quality fittings are manufactured in compliance with the most exacting quality requirements. The process technology applied is the most advanced in its sector. This allows us to deliver top-level quality. Nontheless we are able to offer these products at a highly competitive price. For a pertinent comparison of prices, please check our fittings in the 2ba site (http://www.2ba.nl). This site also features a list of Dutch wholesalers who carry our fittings. Installers can order Q-Fits fittings exclusively through wholesalers.

In order to warrant our high-grade quality now and in the future, our production plant is ISO 9001 certified. Q-Fits offers an extensive guarantee on its articles. We will be glad to send you our guarantee conditions on your request.

All our fittings comply with the latest Kiwa / Gastec requirements. The fittings are manufactured out of a low-lead brass alloy type CW617N (CuZn40Pb2). Q-Fits fittings are fit for the future. All fittings are manufactured in compliance with international standards. E.g., our pipe threads comply with the standard DIN ISO 228.

Our entire products range is available in three surface versions. These surface versions are:

  • White brass
  • Nickel brass
  • Nickel brass

This extensive product range makes Q-Fits unique in its segment. In most cases the white brass version can be used. In case of stress corrosion (dezincification of the brass alloy) our nickel brass fittings offer a solution. In case your fitting enters into direct contact with drinking water, you can use our chromium-plated fittings (conform to the latest Kiwa requirement). Note: Stress corrosion occurs at high temperature differences (condensation), when the brass comes into contact with ammonia, or when the material undergoes tensile stress.

Moreover, for special applications Q-Fits offers a line of heavy-duty fittings, bronze fittings and special fittings. On your request we will be glad to send you the pertaining catalogue. You can also consult the catalogue on our web site. Q-Fits holds ease of use for our customers in high regard. All fittings have been packed in 10 units and consequently may also be ordered in this quantity. The fittings are delivered from our logistics centre in Kampen, the Netherlands.

If you want to check the high-end quality of our fittings in order to find out that quality is not always synonymous with expensive, please make a trial order to our company and draw your own judgement. Q-Fits will be glad to help you.

If you want more information, please fill out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.