With reference to the Q-nuts ratchet spanner it has the following advantages against the existing spanners/nuts.

·         The Q-Nuts spanner requires very limited space around the nut in order to be able to slip the tool on the nut.

·         It requires only a very small turning angle to takes advantage of it’s ratchet function. In most cases 5 degrees is possibly.

·         The assembly time to install tubes or pipes reduce rather dramatically.

·         The mating capnuts are at the same price level of conventional hexagon capnuts.

·          Consequently it allow designers to develop more compact manifolds, in order to safe material.

·         The Q-nuts ratchet spanner is relatively cheap due to a very limited number of parts.

·         The fact that the ring section of the Q-nut spanner enclose more than 50% of the nut allows the user to let the tool hang onto the nut without it is dropping.

·         The open ring concept of the tool enables the user to slip it over a hose or a tube and follow the hose or tube down to the nut, even under circumstances where the nut is in a position that it is not or hardly visible


·         It is almost impossible that the tool slips off the nut unintentionally during the tightening of the nut.